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Why should I support Cherry?

Her tallent and passion

With her 52 years and just 2 years spent in London, she is a single parent with 3 daughters (2 in Croatia, 1 in the UK but a student at Sheffield Hallam University, 170 miles further away from Cherry) she is super creative and passioned to work and express herself with only 1 goal in her mind: to cheer up people and make them happy.

1 balloon, 1 happy face, 1 happy person


Her idea and good will

The idea is to help as much as she can small London businesses directly affected by the pandemic. She will provide affordable services and will decorate the storefronts, cafe bars, and pubs in order to cheer up their customers and help them to retrieve the customers. Just imagine, she came from Croatia and in just 2 years she wants to be a part of the London business vibes and to spread her goodwill and help the local business after the pandemic.


Biodegradable decorations

CHERRY BALLOON ART LONDON will use biodegradable balloons and decorations and will promote ECO decorations not just in London, but around the globe using her social media channels. Cherry Balloon Art London is fundraising and will use that money to purchase equipment and eco-friendly balloons.


What others says about Cherry?

Visnja (Cherry) is a brilliant Interior Designer and warm and compassionate person. I feel that she fully understood my vision and helped me to create my dream home. I was absolutely impressed by her ability to combine functionalities, esthetics and personality into the project. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.

Barbara Maheshwari, CEO of Remote Bob

It’s my pleasure and honor to offer a character reference and my unreserved recommendation for Cherry. I met Cherry several years ago, initially through friendship and later as a member of our regional sales team in Croatia. She’s always demonstrated responsibility, a high level of communication skills and a passion for detail. While with us she got along very well with her co-workers.

Zoran Spoja | Micro Process

Mrs Cherry role was organisation and decoration of various events and forums. They required high levels of efficiency, organisation and flexibility as well as the ability to work under pressure and often under severe time constrains. She excelled in all respects, and always performed her tasks in a courteous, efficient and timely manner. Cherry is creative, well organized and her organizational abilities and attention to details are at a high level, meeting all our expectations.

Kresimir Macan | Manjgura Ltd.

Huge tanks to the supporters

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I am a balloon artist and interior designer looking for my place under the stars. My motto is: if you do the job you love, you won’t work a single day in your life.
I have realized myself as a woman, a mother and now I have a great opportunity to realize myself through what I do best and give my contribution to the community in these hard times with COVID 19 pandemic.

The first time I came to London I felt what freedom in the true sense of the word means. This is a place where it doesn’t matter what your name is, what colour your skin is or what your name is.
I came here because London is a place that is changing the world for the better, and I want to change my world too!

I worked as a Live-in-Carer for a little over two years. During those two years, I learned a lot, mastered the language, learned about the culture and traditions of this country. I am self-employed and a UK resident. Now is the time for me to do more for myself and the community.

I miss my family very much but I know that my sacrifice is worth the effort. My children have my financial support to study and I am proud to have had the opportunity to help them. We call each other regularly for a video call and plan to meet everyone in London when the pandemic ends.

The coronavirus and pandemic was a big and difficult challenge for all of us. As a Carer, I was a key worker and I was proud to be able to help in that crisis. My role as a  Live-in-Carer was to protect my client, to help the family take care of her, and to make up for the emptiness she had because they could not visit her. I, unfortunately, lost my mother at the start of the pandemic and I could not go to her funeral because we had a lockdown in the UK. One great thing I have learned here in this country is to say goodbye to a person who is dying by celebrating every moment you had with that person and that we need to show gratitude. My loss of a mother was terribly painful but it gave me the strength to protect my client and help the community overcome the pandemic together. I used the time of the pandemic and enrolled at The Interior Design Institute to have a British certificate for an interior designer. The pandemic has taught us to appreciate the little things and to turn to the right values: caring for the elderly, family and people around us, education and giving us the opportunity to work on ourselves and our qualities. Most importantly we all gave our best in the fight against the virus and I am happy that I was able to give my contribution to the community

All funds raised will be used for the essential equipment and materials that are necessary so I can start my business. If I reach my goal, part of the funds will go to the initial marketing campaign targeting small local business in London.

I offer conceptual design services for balloon decorations as something new in the world of balloons and as a window dresser, I want to offer small businesses to follow trends in arranging their spaces and create a more beautiful environment to increase sales and bring back their customers after a pandemic. And the most important trump card I have is environmental protection. The balloon industry along with us decorators should send clear messages about environmental protection and policies that call for not releasing balloons into the air. In order to implement these words in deeds, my company will make a donation from each business deal to the NGO’s that are hard working in this field in the UK.
There are three broad categories of balloons: latex, foil (commonly referred to as Mylar or metallic), and those made from a stretchy, transparent material. Latex balloons are made from a natural product derived from trees found on farms in equatorial regions of the world (the trees also exist naturally in rain forests and other places). The harvest of latex is a completely natural process. The trees are “tapped” for the liquid, similar to the harvesting of syrup. The trees are not trimmed or chopped in any way, so there’s no risk of deforestation. Since latex is a 100% natural product, it will break down into a residue that is not harmful to the environment. Latex balloons biodegrade at about the same rate as other natural products, such as oak leaves and wood fibres. It is a chemical process not always visible in the early stages. Does this mean it’s OK to release latex balloons into the air? No. While latex balloons are biodegradable, the length of time it takes these balloons to decompose varies based on environmental conditions. So they should be properly disposed of in a garbage bin or composted.
Every customer will receive a  sticker with a serial number and company name that will clearly show to it’s customers that he is taking care of the environment and is using biodegradable balloons.

Actually YES YOU CAN! You can help us by making a donation recommendation and raising awareness about environmental protection, and i will put your company logo on my website and promotions as a supporter. 


Join the movement and help us reach our goal of £15,000 and Cheers Up London!

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